What’s in it for me?

b2B-image-networking-banner-for-regitration-pageConnecting with Arts & Science students, alumni, faculty, and staff through the many engagement opportunities provides the following benefits:

Benefits for ALUMNI

  • Make a positive impact on your U of T community, especially on Arts & Science students.
  • Have a rewarding philanthropic experience, giving as little or as much time and resources as you wish.
  • Have a chance to reflect on how your education has benefited your career.
  • Inspire and motivate students by giving them an inside look at how the skills and knowledge acquired during university can help them in their daily life and career, and what more they will need to consider.
  • Connect with fellow alumni and expand your network.


Benefits for STUDENTS

  • Gain a sense of community as part of a robust and supportive network (alumni, faculty, staff, peers) that is investing in their success.
  • Understand how your education prepares you for life after graduation.
  • Connect with and be mentored by alumni.
  • Expand your network of alumni, faculty, staff and peers.


Opportunities for every level of commitment

Interested in becoming more involved in Arts & Science? We offer engagement opportunities requiring as little as 5 minutes of your time to as much as 10 hours.

Connect with Arts & Science in just 5-10 minutes

  • Join our Backpack to Briefcase (b2B) group on LinkedIn and engage in a current discussion or start a discussion of your own, providing current students with career advice and what to expect as they transition beyond U of T.
  • Nominate a current student for a Cressy Award recognizing their volunteer contributions to U of T, or nominate a fellow alumnus for an Arbor Award recognizing their volunteer contributions to U of T after graduation.
  • Support current academic priorities (such as student scholarships and field education trips) by making an online donation to the Faculty of Arts & Science or your affiliated department/unit.
  • Update your mail/email/work contact info so that you continue to receive communications from the University and the Faculty of Arts & Science (such as e-newsletters, the U of T Magazine, event e-vites).
  • Contact your Faculty/College-affiliated alumni association for volunteer opportunities.

Connect with Arts & Science in 2-5 hours

Connect with Arts & Science throughout the academic year (5-10 hours total)

  • Join a student-alumni Mentorship Program, offered by some of our Arts & Science academic units. Mentors would be asked to meet one-on-one with their assigned student mentee once per month via in-person meetings, email, phone or Skype.