Faculty and Staff Giving at Arts & Science

Linda Quagraine

“There’s joy in giving”

By Sean McNeely

Linda Quagraine has been a monthly donor for the last several years.

And she has no intention of stopping.

“There’s great joy in giving,” says Quagraine who has worked at the University of Toronto for 18 years, as a secretary for the Office of Dean in Arts & Science. “I feel blessed and by giving you’re blessing someone else… Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re giving enough, and I wish I could do more.”

Her generosity stems from the fact that her mom taught her how to make a difference in her community by giving of money, time and helping others. Quagraine especially loves U of T and the diversity of the Faculty of Arts & Science as well as interacting with different personalities/people of the deans, vice-deans, faculty and students whom she meets.

When she first started giving, she chose to support A&S international students. “I’ve heard stories from friends from other countries who have been given opportunity to come to UofT to study through various scholarships,” she says. “They are grateful.”

“When it comes to international students, I just say ‘Wow – look how far they’ve come to be a part of this,’” she says. “These students are so talented but it’s difficult for them, so to help was what I really wanted to do.”

And while Quagraine says her monthly support “is not a huge amount” she understands every little bit counts. “It’s really rewarding to know that you’re helping someone to become a better person or to make a difference in their community.”

Today, Quagraine directs her monthly gift to Earth Sciences, inspired by her friend who is currently completing his master’s in this field. Thanks to his studies, she too has become a little more environmentally aware, and feels supporting the programs and research in this department is vitally important.

Her message for other U of T staff: “Give! Support an important cause. Give to help a student. You just feel good for giving…It doesn’t matter how small – something special comes your way.”


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Niamh (pronounced ‘Neeve’) Earls Hallworth
Senior Development Officer, Legacy and Leadership Giving

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a tax receipt?
Yes, a charitable tax receipt will be provided for your donation. Payroll donations will be reflected on your T4.

What if I decide to cancel my payroll donation?
Employees can request to have their payroll donations cancelled at any time by contacting the Office of Advancement.

Can I speak with someone about my donation?
If you have any questions about making a donation to the Faculty of Arts & Science, please contact Niamh Earls Hallworth, Senior Development Officer, at niamh.earls@utoronto.ca or telephone 416.978.1570.

I have a different question
Please see the Boundless Campaign’s FAQ for more information on gifts to U of T.