Job Shadowing Program Information

Our Job Shadowing programs connect Arts & Science students with successful alumni of their academic program, in their place of business.

Alumni hosts make a distinct and meaningful impact on students by interacting with them at a crucial time when they have questions about where their degree will take them and what it will really mean to graduate in their field. We want students to understand the broad application of an Arts & Science education, and the sometimes surprising paths to which it can lead.

2018-19 Job Shadowing – Alumni Host Registration Form


You can get involved by:

  • Hosting a group of up to 8 students at your place of work for a half to a full day; give them a sense of what you do on a day-to-day basis, speak with them about the work you do, your career trajectory and how your degree helped you to successfully transition from university and into your current role.
  • Providing students with a hands-on experience related to the work that you do.
    • Our program coordinators will be pleased to work with you to you arrange these activities.

Your participation can be essential  to a current U of T student and a personally rewarding experience.

Student feedback:

“In short, the highlight of this experience was actually seeing somebody working in the field of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and doing amazing things. I have for months been afraid that no matter what I study, I am doomed to settle for an unfulfilling career. That is no longer the case. This job affirms my faith in my career path. Of course, there is much more research to do, as well as much more life to live, but I’m confident once again that the future is interesting.”

– Ecology and Evolutionary Biology student

“I had my fair share of anxiety over my future pursuits considering the increasingly competitive environment in which we live and study. After meeting with my alumni host I saw how a well organized plan for school and a passion for my pursuits will lead me in a better direction than worry ever would.”

– Linguistics and Political Science student

“My host’s story showed me that through a lot of work and pursuing what you love will usually land you in the right position.”

– Ecology and Evolutionary Biology student

“Since meeting my Explore It alumni host, my interest in various issues have played a role in which courses I’m picking for the future. I now have a better understanding of what I am looking to achieve and through U of T I am able to pursue those interests”.

– Political Science and, Ethics, Society & Law student

“I recognized how relevant the information and skills I was learning in my courses are in a research career. I was able to follow along the points my alumni host made in the overview because the same topics were discussed in my lectures and practicals. The teamwork, communication and critical analysis skills I practiced during my practicals were also evident.”

– Ecology & Evolutionary Biology student

Alumni host feedback:

“The most meaningful aspect of the program was sharing experiences and advice on what I have been through, which is exactly what they are going through now.”

“It feels great to getting emails from students who came to the meeting to let me know how much they were encouraged.”


Explore It in the press:

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We value the participation of hosts in any career area, as our students benefit greatly from the depth and diversity of experience that our alumni have to offer. With Explore It, the rich conversations and exposure to the reality of a career are what the students and alumni benefit from.

For more information contact:

Clare Gilderdale
Manager, Alumni Engagement


* If you’re an alumnus of an academic unit not currently represented by this program, there are many other ways you could get involved in supporting students here at U of T, we invite you to provide us with additional information and we’ll get in touch with other opportunities to give back to our students.