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Mathematics Mentorship Meal

November 3

To be added to an invitation list for this event, please fill in our pre-registration form to confirm your interest in attending and subject POSt (NOTE: filling in this form does not confirm your attendance).

Approximately two weeks prior to the meal, all pre-registered students from this department will be sent an event invitation with a detailed registration form that must be completed. Dinners are restricted to 15 student attendees and final registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

This is part of the b2B Mentorship meal series. 

Alumni Biographies:

Gil Katz, Managing Partner, Giant Step Inc.


Working with his brother Eyal (Woodsworth ’99), Gil co-founded Giant Step, an award-winning digital marketing agency. Since 2003 they produced over 100 interactive projects for clients ranging from startups to global brands. Projects include websites, apps, custom software and marketing campaigns. They recently completed the core development of ComicReply, a marketing platform for social media contests, and are customizing it for several clients. Gil is a former mentee in the New College Career Mentorship Program.

Mike Pace, Senior Manager Sales Analytics| Sales & Customer Experience, TD Business Banking


Michael is currently a Senior Manager within the Business Banking division at TD Bank. He leads a team of talented individuals focusing on analytics, KPIs, dashboards, scorecards, and performance measurement supporting Small Business and Commercial banking.

Michael spent over 17 years at TD Bank starting as a Customer Service Officer at a retail branch during university. After post secondary graduation, he moved onto his first role in head office as an Information Analyst responsible for metrics and measurement to support the integration of Canada Trust and TD Bank. Since then Michael supported many roles in the areas of finance, project management, and sales analytics.

Michael completed has CMA designation in 2010 which allowed him to expand his educational background in business, finance, accounting, and strategic management with an enhanced focus on leadership. He graduated with an HBSc from the University of Toronto in 2000 with a double major in mathematics and economics. His passion for numbers and rationalized thinking help him excel in a high performance organization.

Michael participates in many networking and social events to learn from others and to also provide guidance to others on personal development. He has been an active member of Junior Achievement and has been part of many CMA special events including RUAS ACHIEVE, iSELF, and DECA.

Alan Wong, Wealth Pricing Actuary, RBC Life Insurance’s Wealth Products: Segregated Funds and Payout Annuities


Alan Wong is the Wealth Pricing Actuary of RBC Life Insurance’s Wealth Products: Segregated Funds and Payout Annuities. He oversees all actuarial aspects of their product developments and pricing plans, collaborating with Business, Finance, Group Risk Management, Investment and Valuation. His pricing team also supports the attainment of our strategic objectives, including the growth of risk-adjusted earnings and new Wealth product lines.

On talent management, Alan regularly recruits and develops passionate and technically strong mathematics graduates and student actuaries to communicate technical results to both actuarial and non-actuarial audiences.

Academically, Alan holds an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) degree in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics from University of Waterloo, Canada, and also a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Pure Mathematics from University of Toronto, Canada. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FCIA). Since 2010, Alan has been serving on the Education Committee of several FSA-level exams of the Society of Actuaries, including the Quantitative Finance and Investment Advanced Exam.

Student Biographies:

Alexandra Alvares

Going into my fourth year of undergraduate studies in math and statistics, I’ve realized that there are quite a few directions I could choose to pursue in my career. Attending events like this one helps me learn about the possible paths as well as how to go about pursing them.

Panagiotis (Peter) Angelinos

My name is Panagiotis (but most people call me Peter) and I have been an undergraduate for a while. This is (hopefully) my last year as an undergraduate, but I am planning on applying to grad school in mathematics, so hopefully this is not my last year in general. I was also an English student, but I have fulfilled all my English major requirements.

I am hoping to attend this B2B because I value the insight that alumni (and faculty) have. Although Mathematics is one of those fields that suffers under the “genius complex” (that is, the myth of the lone, brooding, genius who single-handedly solves long-standing problems with nothing but sheer intuition and gumption), I believe that math is done in concert with others, as a community. I’m hoping to attend the dinner so I can be a part of the community.

Robert Fan

My name is Robert Fan and I am studying Math and sociology

Sung Jun Hwang

Dear alumni of University of Toronto, my name is Sung Jun Hwang. I am a fourth year student at the University of Toronto specializing in teaching degree in mathematics. For me, it would be such an honour having an opportunity to talk to those who could achieve objectives set during their undergraduate degree or find the field where they could apply what they learned from during their studies at universities. Regardless of the possibilities that their objectives and actually pursuing them are intentional or out of luck, I respect them and want to have a conversation to learn what I need in myself to succeed in a society. Particularly, if I ever get a chance, I want to explore what skills mathematics students can offer to the society or company in general. I hope to expand the scope of my insight as to choosing career options not just limited to academically focused areas.

Yunjing Li

My name is Yunjing Li, a year-third student from math specialist. After graduation, I plan to go to graduate school making myself more prepared for future career. But I am quite confused by which program to apply for and what I should put at the first place when I prepare for it. Hope that I can find answer for these questions in that activity

Yao Lu

Hello everyone. My name is Yao and I am a third year undergraduate student from University of Toronto. I am currently studying a Mathematics Major and a Pathobiology Specialist. I am studying life sciences in preparation for medical school, as I have always wanted to become a surgeon. On the other hand, Math has always been my interest, and I am studying it for fun. I wish I could combine these two fields together. Currently, I am familiarizing myself with the application of math in neurosciences. I look forward to hear more about interdisciplinary studies in math and life sciences, as well as any other suggestions about careers with a math degree. I am very excited about opening my eyes to new perspectives and changes.

Jonathan Mostovoy

My name is Jonathan Mostovoy and I am in my 4th year of undergraduate studies in mathematics, statistics and economics. I have always been enamored with applied mathematics for being able to apply such beautiful tools to an array of problems unanswerable otherwise is incredibly fruitful and rewarding. I am also interested and involved in politics, physics, classical music and debate. I would truly relish the opportunity to meet, connect and learn from individuals who share such a passion for mathematics, and may offer insight into the job marketplace and or further education in mathematics. Additionally, I hope to network with likeminded students in the hopes of sharing and discussing how to use mathematical tools throughout a multitude of disciplines on an ongoing basis.

Karen Peng

My name is Karen Peng, i am a fourth year Math major student minor in Statistics and Philosophy.  I would like to attend this event to connect with people in the faculty and alumni and get to know what kind of options I could choose for the future. I would also like to talk to other students to see what they think about their study and future career.

Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo

My name is Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo. I was born on July 22, 1988. Now, I am an international visiting graduate student of Mathematics Department of U of T. Actually, I am a Ph.D student of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. I am very happy invited to be a visiting student. I will be study in U of T only for one semester.

My Reason for wanting to attend this event.

I have only a limited time. I will back to my country on December 19, 2016. So, Having many friends graduated from Mathematics department will be interesting things. Therefore, joining the meeting with alumni is a good idea. It is good to enlarge my international networking.

Benjamin Schachter

Benjamin Schachter is a 5th year PhD candidate in the Department of Mathematics. Prior to beginning his PhD, he earned an MSc in mathematics from the University of Western Ontario and both an MA and a BA in economics from the University of Toronto. Upon finishing his PhD, Ben will be starting at the Boston Consulting Group as a consultant, where he previously interned. He is interested in developing his professional network at the university and learning about the roles his colleagues and classmates will be pursuing after they graduate.

Yi-Wen Shih

Hi! My name is Yi-Wen, Shih. I am majoring in both mathematic and statistic.

I an strongly interested in meeting the alumni because I want to know how they success and find their way to the new jobs, also meet some friends whom also study at the same field with me.

Thank you!

Charles Tsang

I am currently a Ph.D. student in the mathematics department, with research focus in mathematical finance. I have some industry experience in financial risk management, and I am looking to expand my professional network through the mentorship meal, and to learn more about different career options via mentorship meal with successful mathematics graduates.

Jinghuan Wu

Jinghuan Wu is a third year student studying Economics and Statistics. She came to Canada for school 3 years ago and living by herself taught her how to organize things well. As an international student, studying abroad also taught her how to respect and communicate with people from different backgrounds.

She is interested in business fields and she studies Economics and Statistics so she can get a better understanding of business from different perspective. She hopes to attend this meal so she can get to meet and interact with work professionals and help her narrow down her professional focus.

Jingyou Yang

I’m a 4th year student studying Mathematical Applications in Economics and Finance specialist program. By attending this b2B event, I’d like to meet with alumni that have previously studied mathematics and learn about the paths they’ve taken after graduating

Xiaoye Yuan

Hi! This is Xiaoye. I’m a 3rd year U of T student. I’m studying math because I’d like to get into the finance industry through rational quantitative analysis. And I’m also a huge fan of arts, photography, literature, music… you name it. I’m excited about this dinner because I’d like to know more about the industry instead of sitting and guessing. Looking forward to see you in the dinner!


November 3
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