Conference Schedule

Conference Schedule

Saturday January 18, 2020
Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street

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9:00 am – 10:00 am  Conference Check-in, Registration and Breakfast

10:00 am – 10:30 am  Warm-up Activity

10:30 am – 11:30 am   Industry and Topic Panels:

  • Transition Effectively into the Workplace – A Panel for Young Alumni Delegates
  • Internships: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • Work or More School: Life After Undergrad 
  • Social Services – Industry Panel 
  • Working without Borders 
  • PhD Pathways: Exploring Careers off the Tenure Track 

11:45 am – 12:45 pm  Industry and Topic Panels:

  • Success isn’t a Straight Line  
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation – Industry Panel 
  • Research & Development – Industry Panel 
  • Education & Training – Industry Panel 
  • PhD Pathways: CV to Resume 

12:45 pm – 1:45 pm  Networking Lunch

1:45 pm – 2:45 pm  Industry and Topic Panels:

  • Public Policy – Industry Panel 
  • How to Leverage Your Arts and Science Degree 
  • Medicine, Healthcare and Wellness – Industry Panel 
  • Media and Marketing in the Digital Era – Industry Panel
  • PhD Pathways: Alumni Insights 

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Keynote address by TBD

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Alumni & Student Networking Reception with 100+ alumni on hand to speak with students and recent graduates about their career path after graduation.

*Please note that seating for the keynote is limited so we highly encourage you to get to the talk by 2:55pm. If capacity is reached, you are welcome to go to the TBD to mingle with other delegates and alumni ambassadors until the reception begins at 4:00pm.

Panel Titles & Descriptions

10:30 am – 11:30 am

Transition Effectively into the Workplace- A Panel for Young Alumni Delegates

Just like your transition into university, your shift into the workforce comes with new challenges, new expectations, and new rules of engagement. Whether you’re just starting out, would like to become more office savvy, or want to learns ways to navigate up at your organization, our panellists are here to answer your questions.

Internships: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Internships can be an invaluable opportunity to gain on-the-job experience in your chosen field. But it can be tricky deciding which internships to pursue and which to avoid. Our panel – including alumni who have completed internships and alumni employers who have hired interns – understand the scene first hand. They know both the negatives and the positives: where to find internships, how to get them, how you’ll benefit, and how you won’t.

Work or More School: Life After Undergrad

Figuring out what to do after your undergraduate degree is a huge decision. And whether you’ve made up your mind or are still on the fence, you probably have plenty of questions. Is graduate school for me? Will graduate school prepare me to meet my future career goals? Should I complete a certificate program instead? Our panel of alumni will feature people who have completed Masters degrees, PhDs, as well as diploma and certificate programs. Learn how further education played in their careers.

Social Services - Industry Panel

Looking to use your degree to make a positive impact in non-profit organizations, with government agencies, and beyond? Alumni working in social services will share stories and advice about this industry.

Working without Borders

Each year, hundreds of new graduates from U of T broaden their horizons with an international work experience. In this session, some well-travelled alumni will talk about their experiences working in other countries. Bring any questions you might have about applying to work abroad, adjusting to life overseas and packaging your work-life experiences for an international audience.

PhD Pathways: Exploring Careers off the Tenure Track

PhD Pathways is a separate stream for doctoral students in the Faculty of Arts & Science. In this session, participants will explore multiple career options available to PhDs beyond tenure-track academic positions. We will survey profiles of recent Arts & Science PhD graduates who have excelled in other industries, create an individual action plan for next steps to pursue your career goals and will begin to translate your academic experience into a career pathway.

11:45 am – 12:45 pm

Success Isn't a Straight Line

Is life throwing a few twists and turns your way? You’re not alone. Everyone faces obstacles in their careers and lives, and one bump in the road isn’t the end of the world. Our panel of successful alumni will discuss overcoming challenges.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Industry Panel

Alumni will talk about their unique career journeys in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Learn what it took for them to make it in this exciting industry.

Research and Development - Industry Panel

Wondering how to apply your academic learning in the world of research and development? Attend this panel discussion to learn from Arts & Science alumni about the realities of a career in this industry.

Education and Training - Industry Panel

What does it mean to be an educator in the classroom? In business? For individuals or large organizations? Alumni working as educators in various fields will speak with you about what this industry has to offer.

PhD Pathways: CV to Resume

PhD Pathways is a separate stream for doctoral students in the Faculty of Arts & Science. How do you translate your academic CV to a resume for a career off the tenure track? This session will provide hands-on advice on surfacing your skills and experiences and translating them when applying to a variety of positions. Please bring a copy of your academic CV to this session.

1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

Public Policy - Industry Panel

Do you want to leverage your studies to make a difference in the world through working in public policy? Attend this alumni panel discussion to hear what a career in public policy looks like.

Medicine, Healthcare and Wellness - Industry Panel

Hear from Arts & Science alumni about what it took to secure a career in medicine, healthcare and wellness. Learn about the challenges, the current context, and the many different paths that exist.

How to Leverage an Arts and Science Degree

You worked hard to earn your degree. Now it’s time to make your degree work for you. At this informative workshop, a panel of human resource managers from a range of organizations will show you just how to do that. They’ll help you think way outside the box as you explore the versatility and marketability of your Arts & Science degree.

Media and Marketing in the Digital Era - Industry Panel

Hear from alumni working in marketing and media, learn what it takes to stay relevant in this industry, and what careers in marketing and media will look like in the future.

PhD Pathways: Alumni Insights

PhD Pathways is a separate stream for doctoral students in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Hear from recent graduates who completed their PhD at the Faculty of Arts & Science and who are working in a variety of industries. These panellists will discuss how they made the decision to pursue a career ‘off the tenure track’, how they found their current path and the ways in which the experiences and skills they developed as doctoral candidates have supported their careers.