Conference Resources

 Make the Most of the Conference

Saturday January 26, 2019
Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle

Registration is now closed but U of T students and alumni are welcome to come to the conference on Saturday and register in-person!

Use the tips below to prepare your conference strategies, remember the network connections you make, think through the information you will hear and build your future plans.

Before the Conference

  1. Set your learning goals. To make the most of your experience at Next Steps, it helps to identify what you want to learn here. Deciding this now will make it easier to recognize when someone talks about something related to your goals.
  2. Build your personal introduction and identify questions you might want to ask during your Next Steps experiences.
  3. If you arrive early, visit the Next Steps Hub located outside the Great Hall to learn more about the conference and resources available to you as a student or an alum.
  4. Plan on staying for the full conference. We’ve ensured that the day is jam-packed with opportunities to learn about careers connected to your degree, to meet professionals in these fields and to develop important career skills.

At the Conference

  1. Actively participate in your sessions and talk to fellow delegates, alumni and staff. Keep track of your connections and when you complete four, visit the Next Steps Hub to learn how to enter the prize draw.
  2. Ask your questions during the workshops and panels. You will help out other delegates by speaking up.
  3. Deepen your experience by taking notes, using your booklet’s career tools and building your future actions list.
  4. Share your thoughts at the Next Steps Hub and tell us how you are doing. The Next Steps Hub is just outside the Great Hall.
  5. Connect with other attendees and conference speakers on social media: #uoftnextsteps

After the Conference

  1. Go back to your Next Steps Goals and reflect on what you learned
  2. Revisit the connections you made and re-introduce yourself by phone, email, LinkedIn or your U of T Ten Thousand Coffees account.
  3. Stretch your network further: read-up on panellists, seek additional professional contacts, and connect with someone you don’t know for an Informational Interview
  4. Continue your connections with U of T:

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