b2B: What Students are saying

“b2B was helpful in finding the right way to approach the path we want to take. It made us think harder at what we really want to achieve and how we can get to that point.”

    – 4th year student, Department of Cell & Systems Biology


“Yesterday was a very cold evening. Six successful professionals gave up the warmth of their homes and a relaxing meal with their families to come to UofT, talk with a group of perfect strangers and answer their questions. They shared their stories, they gave us advice, they encouraged us to be brave and not to be afraid of the future, and they paid for our meal. This generosity is unbelievable and it’s by far the most meaningful part of this experience. This generosity made me feel part of a community of amazing people who are willing to help and support me in my career development. It was a reassuring and energizing experience.”

    – PhD Candidate, Italian Studies


“I received exposure to other areas I didn’t realize that my degree could help me with. Also I spent time talking to peers and faculty which we had interesting conversations about our program of study and allowed me to see various perspectives that come from the same degree.”

    – 3rd year student, Cognitive Science Program


“I benefited from hearing alumni’s stories about how they got where they are today in their career. Their stories helped me put future studies and career options into more of a clear perspective. Not only did I learn about future career paths I can potentially pursue, but I also received some advice from alumni about grad school and what they recommend when applying. Additionally, I was given a lot of useful tips when it comes to resumes and interviews. Through various conversations and listening to various pieces of advice, I was able to network not only with alumni, but with peers.”

    – 1st year student, School of the Environment


“Although many of the lessons that the speakers mentioned were already commonly found in books and the media, having the experience to actually sit down with someone and talk I felt was very rewarding and something that has certainty sharpened by soft skills.”

    – 4th year student, Department of Geography


“I found it very helpful that the alumni were so open to share their disappointments or failures in their post graduate experience with the students and how they overcame them. Each alumnus contributed really helpful learning experiences. For example, they told us not to be afraid of failure of being open minded and putting ourselves out there. To volunteer. These were really tangible and practical forms of advice that I felt I could really apply myself. I also appreciated that the faculty were so warm and friendly, it was nice to speak to them in different type of social environment. I also liked that there was a diversity of alumni, including those that have recently graduated because they are most familiar with the system today. At the same time having older graduates was also very meaningful because they hold different type of wisdom.”

    – 4th year student, Department of Sociology



“The more intimate nature of this b2B mentorship meal allowed for some great conversation with alumni and faculty. Students don’t normally get the chance to talk to enough about career planning, choices, etc.”

    – 1st year student, Human Biology Program


“At this event, one of our alumni speakers was able to shed light on a very important idea that I had never considered before. The alumni speaker mentioned that the purpose of a university degree is not meant to land me a job. The main purpose of university is to develop soft skills that reflect my personal values and attributes. This may be the most important piece of advice I have heard to date regarding my university education.”

    – 1st year student, Rotman Commerce and German


“I think the b2B program is an amazing initiative. It helps worrying students like myself be at ease by connecting with alumni who have been in our situations in the past.”

    – 4th year student, School of the Environment


“Talking with the alumni was extremely helpful and insightful in gaining some understanding of how they followed their career paths in related fields. Before meeting people of their caliber in their respected industries, we see their credentials and think of how extraordinary they are. This event though helped show that they were once students with aspirations and with the same fears and uncertainties we face, and some probably faced the same, if not, worse challenges.”

    – 2nd year student, Department of Mathematics


“The mentorship meal with successful alumni provided a personal avenue to ask any question that came to mind, and to have a relaxed and in-depth conversation about what it takes to begin building my career path. They encouraged us to be hopeful, and to actively pursue any and all leads, insisting that it pays to be persistent!”

    – 4th year student, Department of Earth Sciences


“I didn’t know … how to start the connection between my studies and work. Especially because I am a new immigrant, I was very worried about getting my first career due to my weak resume and limited personal/professional network. After attending b2B, the alumni’s stories gave me a definite idea about how to start and where to look when I pursue my career!”

    – 4th year student, Environmental Biology


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