b2B: What Alumni volunteers are saying

“Thank you for the opportunity to give back. It was a pleasure to participate and interact with the students. I was approached by many students with questions and I hope that our interaction gave them actionable ideas with which to navigate their futures.”

    – Karen Temple (BSc 1996 / PhD 2002 – Department of Chemistry)


“I am glad to see that the attendees found the event to be valuable — as I told those with whom I spoke at the networking sessions, I wish I had known about B2B when I was in undergrad because it certainly would have been helpful and reassuring at the time.”

    – Julienne Torres (HBSc 2011 – Human Biology Program / Department of Cell & Systems Biology)


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pay it forward. It was a pleasure speaking with fellow students who are undergoing the same experiences that I had not too long ago.”

    – Simon Chun (HBSc 2011 – Human Biology Program)


“It appears the students really did get a lot out of it. This is very encouraging. I also got a lot from it, not only through network at a professional level but to hear of the real concerns many of these students have. As an instructor, in addition to my professional career, this allows me to tailor my teaching to help mitigate some of those concerns and to better prepare my students for the workplace and career challenges they will face.”

    – Damian Dupuy (MA 1993 / PhD 1999 – Department of Geography)


“It was a wonderful experience, and I really enjoyed discussing career options with the students. They all seem like stellar students, and each of them have had so many great volunteer/work experiences already that I’m sure that they will all have very successful careers in the future.”

    – Jennifer Robinson (HBSc 2012 – School of the Environment / Department of Zoology)


“It was a pleasure meeting and hearing the stories of the other alumni panelists and student attendees. As a young alumni and graduate student, I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to share my insights, learn from others’ experiences, and remain connected to the U of T community.”

    – Lauren Della Mora (HBSc 2012 – Human Biology Program / Department of Sociology)


“It was great to chat with the students. For the most part I was really impressed with their level of engagement and professionalism. It’s great see students taking advantage of the opportunity.”

    – Justin Holmes (HBA 2012 – Department of Geography)


“It was nice to give some insight to people who are exactly at the point I was at a year ago! I look forward to getting more involved as an alumnus.”

    – Fahmida Kamali (HBSc 2014 – Department of Psychology / Employment Relations)


“It sounds like the students really took the key points to heart! I’m glad that they were able to synthesize what we were saying so effectively. I thought the event was excellent – I think it represented a good variety of career tracks and viewpoints, including some non-linear paths that students aren’t always exposed to. My favourite parts of the discussion were when alumni speakers talked about specific details (e.g. who specific references were and how they built a relationship with that specific reference, or what a specific volunteer position contributed to their career development) instead of more general principles, but I liked that both were part of the discussion.”

    – Raffles Cowan (HBSc 2010 – Department of Psychology / Criminology)


“I was very pleased to meet students from my program and it was a great opportunity to reach out to my community and get to know and help out the students. I hope the comments and stories I shared will help the students figure out their own career path.”

    – Romeo Penheiro (HBSc 2013 – Department of Psychology / Human Biology Program)



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