b2B FAQs for Students

What do I have to do to have b2B listed on my Co-Curricular Record (CCR)?

The CCR is an official U of T document validating a student’s experiences and activities outside the classroom. It links the competencies gained from your experiences to skills that employers and graduate schools look for. To have b2B listed on your CCR, you must complete the following requirements within an academic year:

  • Attend a b2B Career Skills workshop
  • Attend a b2B Alumni-Student Networking Event (this includes Career Panel Discussions, Speed Networking, Industry Night or Mentorship Meals)
  • Complete the reflective activity sent to all b2B event attendees following the event

What is the dress-code for b2B events?

While there is no official dress code for b2B events, we recommend business casual attire, particularly for the Mentorship Meals.

Do I need to register to attend?

We strongly encourage it. Registering for a b2B event ensures you receive up-to-date information about event logistics, alumni attendees, a briefing package, plus follow-up information after the event.

If registration fills up for any of our b2B events, you can request to be added to a wait list.

Registration for Mentorship Meals is mandatory due to the intimate nature of these events and the limited space available.

I’m interested in attending a b2B with alumni from a discipline I’m not studying. Can I still attend?

Almost all b2B events are open to all Arts & Science students so if you’d like to attend a humanities event but you’re studying chemistry, you are more than welcome!

The only events restricted to students from the academic unit coordinating the event are the Mentorship Meals, as these are intimate events designed for students and alumni from a single academic unit.

How do I register for a Mentorship Meal?

Your academic unit will email you a Mentorship Meal invitation a few weeks before the event. Check your inbox for your invite and sign up as soon as possible – spots usually fill up fast.

I want to speak to an alum I met at a b2B event. How can I find them?

Ask the alumni you meet at b2B events for their contact information, or to connect with you on LinkedIn – they’ve volunteered their time because they want to support students and are almost always willing to stay connected after the events.

If you weren’t able to connect with someone at the b2B event you attended, look at our b2B LinkedIn group to see if they’re a member and, if so, reach out to them via LinkedIn.

If you’d like help with your LinkedIn profile, we’ve got a b2B for that! We typically run our ‘Staying Connected’ workshop in the winter term to offer support for your LinkedIn profile, or you can visit the Career Exploration & Education website and register for one of their ‘LinkedIn Lab’ workshops.

How can I meet more Arts & Science alumni?

Join the over 3,300 alumni and students on our b2B LinkedIn group, come to other b2B events, and attend the Next Steps Conference!

Can alumni attend b2B events to hear advice from other alumni?

Yes, recent graduates are welcome to attend most b2B events (workshops, speed networking, industry nights, career panels) without participating as a guest speaker or networking guest.

If you are an alumnus and interested in being a b2B volunteer (speaking at networking events or mentorship meals), please email backpack@artsci.utoronto.ca.

How should I prep before attending a b2B event?

Before you attend a b2B event, we highly recommend you consider what you hope to gain from the event and how you’ll achieve your goal. There are many ways to do this:

  • Attend a b2B Career Skills workshop to learn networking skills and how to apply them in a b2B setting
  • Read through the Briefing Package sent to all registered students for b2B Career Panel Discussions, b2B Speed Networking Events, b2B Industry Nights and b2B Mentorship Meals
  • Research online (via LinkedIn or web search) the career/education backgrounds of alumni participating in b2B events
  • Prepare a mental or written list of questions you wish to ask alumni, faculty or staff

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